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All reports must be submitted by on of three ways as outlined below in the section "CREATING THE REPORT". 1.  Through UPExchange 2.  Through UPExpress 3.  By email in a NAUPA formatted file.

South Carolina does not require zero property reports.

South Carolina will not accept safe deposit box contents this report year.

Our FEIN is: 57-0882454.

Dormancy Periods

Property that has been unclaimed for the dormancy period specific to that property type as June 30th is reportable by November 1st.

Dormancy Periods
Report Conversion Table

Reporting Codes

Property type codes, owner type codes, and relationship codes are required.

Reporting Codes

Due Diligence Requirements

No more than one hundred twenty days before the holder files its report, the holder must send a written notice to the apparent owner stating that the holder is in possession of property which has been deemed abandoned and will be remitted to the state as unclaimed if the apparent owner does not reply. Due diligence notices need only be sent for accounts of $50 or more and do not need to be sent to those owners for whom the address on the holder’s records has been proven to be incorrect.

Due Diligence Letter

Property Reportable to Another State

South Carolina will accept incidental property (ten [10] or fewer properties, totaling $1,000.00 or less) reportable to another stat only if allowed by the other state. Please refer to the NAUPA Reciprocity Matrix for state specific information.

Important: If you include unclaimed property reportable to other states in your South Carolina report, you must comply with the unclaimed property laws of the states last known address in reporting those items.


ETM Upexchange Stamp 1.  USE UPExchange, THE FREE EASY TO USE HOLDER REPORTING SOFTWARE. Exclusively endorsed by NAUPA, with free training and support, UPExchange produces and encrypted NAUPA formatted file, that is accepted by all states.

a.  Once you have completed the free UPExchange registration, you will have access to an instructional video, a user's guide, and other helpful resources.
b.  For more detailed instruction, you can register for a free live webinar, or view a past webinar at your convenience. For a schedule of webinars, or to view a previously recorded webinar, click here.

ETM Upexpress Stamp 2.  If you have created your report using different NAUPA-formatted software, you can submit your report using UPExpress. Although not required, payment can also be remitted through UPExpress.

3.  You can create your own NAUPA-formatted file using the specifications provided on the NAUPA website, The file MUST be encrypted or password protected. (Excel and PDF files do not meet this requirement.)


IMPORTANT: All reports and remittances are due before November 1st

To ensure that the report and remittance can be matched, it is IMPERATIVE that procedures are followed EXACTLY as outlined below.

1.  Follow UPExchange or UPExpress instructions to submit your report.

2.  If you create your own NAUPA-formatted file, use UPExpress, or email the encrypted or password protected NAUPA-formatted electronic file, SC Cover Sheet, and Remittance Information Form to a.  Files MUST be in the NAUPA electronic file format. Excel and PDF files are not NAUPA formatted electronic files and WILL NOT be accepted.
IMPORTANT: Files that are not in the NAUPA electronic file format will be returned.
b.  We will accept the SC Unclaimed Property Cover Sheet and the cover sheet provided by the software. The FEIN number, company name, address, and holder contact information must be included on the cover sheet. Our FEIN is: 0882454. c.  Remit the funds for emailed reports by one [1] of the following methods: - ACH - Bank Check - Bank Wire Information on the various remittance methods can be found on the Remittance Information page.


Eligible securities should be delivered to the Unclaimed Property Program's borkerage account. Information for delivering securities can be found on our Remittance Informtion page. All other securities should be registered in the name of the South Carolina State Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Program and sent with the report.


If you have questions or need assistance filing and unclaimed property report, please call us at (803) 737-4771, or send an email to the Palmetto Payback Staff.

South Carolina Unclaimed Property Program mailing addresses can be found here.

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